Join the lab!

Thanks for your interest in our lab! First, please read our Lab Values & Expectations to get an idea of how life might be for you in the Lakowski Lab.

I will be looking to recruit Ph.D. students to start Fall 2022. I can accept students through either the Animal Behavior Graduate Group or the Population Biology Graduate Group. Please email Kate (klaskowski at ucdavis dot edu) with what your interests are and why you think our lab is the right place for you.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, we are not in need of more undergrad workers at the moment – but please continue to check back as once research ramps back up, this should hopefully change!

I currently do not have open funding for postdocs, however, if you have an idea and want to explore options to secure your own independent funding, then please contact Kate. A few good options are:

(Updated March 2021)