Join the lab!

Kate Laskowski

At this time, I do not expect there to be room in my lab for graduate students to start in 2021 . I should be looking for students again to start in 2022.

I actively on the hunt for undergrad workers/technicians to help with our fish colonies. If you like taking care of fish, need a part-time job and can be available on (some) weekends and (some) holidays for fish feeding, please contact me.

I will soon be advertising for a lab tech/manager position – if you like fish and are highly motivated to help make order out of chaos, get in touch!

I currently do not have open funding for postdocs, though if you are interested in developing a proposal to secure your own independent funding (the Center for Population Biology has a postdoc fellowship open call right now!), please contact me and we can talk about whether we’d be a good match.

(Updated August 2020)